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February 9th 2019

I've added one of the Chilton brothers.

January 26th 2019

This weekend racing in the Daytona 24h, pictured here in his championship winning year.

January 12th 2019

Ferrari test motive added.

December 22nd 2018

Xmas greetings from

December 15th 2018

An unexpected return to Formula 1 for this driver

November 24th 2018

Wishing Tatiana all the best in her upcoming tests.

November 10th 2018

With the Brasilian GP this weekend this man immediately springs to mind.

October 27th 2018

One of two racing brothers added.

October 13th 2018

There haven't been too many Japanese Formula 1 drivers.

September 29th 2018

Looking forward to next year to see what Lando Norris can do. Surely a talent that deserves a chance in F1.

September 15th 2018

Sad to hear about the passing of the man that founded the ALMS and gave us cars like these.

August 25th 2018

I noticed there was no racemotive of Paul di Resta on the site yet.

July 28th 2018

The last race for the summerstop in F1 asks for a fitting motive of the immpressive debut Lando Norris made at this track in testing one year ago.

July 14th 2018

DTM at Zandvoort this weekend.

June 30th 2018

I've added a modern Bentley Boy.

June 16th 2018

Relatively unknown testdriver added.

June 2nd 2018

Streetraces always provide photogenic images.

May 19th 2018

Sportcar action at the Nürburgring.

May 5th 2018

Rare Formula 1 driver added.

April 21st 2018

Three Dutch autosport legends on this motive of which two signed this photo.

April 7th 2018

Former touringcar driver added.

March 24th 2018

The Haas team could be a surprise this season. Romain Grosjean kept himself busy after losing his F1 seat at the end of 2009.

March 10th 2018

Remember this driver testing for Ferrari?

February 24th 2018

Glad to see McLaren return to their original colors.

February 10th 2018

A few more weeks until the season starts with testing in Spain. I uploaded a motive of Esteban Gutiérrez from a few years ago.

January 27th 2018

For me the autosport season always starts with the rally Monte Carlo and therefore I uploaded a rally motive.

Januar 13th 2018

It took a while before I posted a new photo but I hope to make it up by adding 4 autographs at the same time.

December 23rd 2017

Xmas greetings from

December 16th 2017

Another motive of Evgeny Novikov and his co-driver added.

December 2nd 2017

Another motive of Max Verstappen added since he was one of the most exciting drivers this season.

November 18th 2017

A female sportcar driver added.

November 4th 2017

Time for a sidestep in the form of a designer of Formula 1 cars.

October 21th 2017

Eight years ago Brendon Hartley already tested with the team he made his debut for in the USA Grand Prix this weekend.

October 7th 2017

The days are getting shorter, time for a sunny motive.

September 9th 2017

A musical driver added this time.

August 26th 2017

A wellknown former McLaren employee added this time.

August 12th 2017

Since the month of August without F1 is a testing time I deemed it appropriate to upload a test motive.

July 29th 2017

A Dutch sportcar driver added this week.

July 15th 2017

A good result in the last race in Austria for this driver.

July 1st 2017

I've added a sportcar legend this weekend.

June 17th 2017

For the first time since 1999 there will be no Audi's at Le Mans.

June 3rd 2017

Rallying often provides spectcular images.

May 20th 2017

A few more days until the Grand Prix of Monaco.

May 6th 2017

Sportcar racing at Spa-Francorchamps this weekend.

April 22th 2017

A solid start to the season for this driver, but in all fairness he did get to practise in the best car last year.

April 8th 2017

Motive of Mike Thackwell added.

March 25th 2017

I'm curious to see how Valtteri Bottas wil compare to Lewis Hamilton this year.

March 11th 2017

Sad to hear about the passing of John Surtees yesterday at the age of 83.

February 24th 2017

As a Dutchman I'm extra curious to find out if this man's creation could be a potential winning car in 2017 when testing begins next week.

February 11th 2017

Exactly 12 years ago there was also a rally Sweden taking place.

January 28th 2017

Still almost a half year wait until the 24h of Le Mans will start.

January 14th 2017

The year always starts with testing.

December 31st 2016

The last upload of this year.

December 24th 2016

Xmas greetings from

December 17th 2016

Dusty motive of Thierry Neuville and Nicolas Gilsoul added..

December 3rd 2016

Very surprised to hear Nico Rosberg is ending his career with immediate effect. A difficult task for Mercedes to replace him at such short notice.

November 19th 2016

It's almost art this photo.

October 29th 2016

Is the worst kept secret this moment about the announcement of this driver?

October 15th 2016

An interesting deal for Nico Hülkenberg was announced yesterday.

October 1st 2016

Time for a touring car motive.

September 17th 2016

Action motive from Monaco added.

September 3rd 2016

Glad to see Kevin Magnussen is OK and driving again this weekend.

August 20th 2016

A dusty rally motive added.

August 6th 2016

Son of a famous father added.

July 23rd 2016

This weekend a very talented driver drove again in free practise for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

July 9th 2016

Not many drivers from the United Arab Emirates compete at the highest level.

June 25th 2016

Very talentend Toro Rosso driver added.

June 11th 2016

An iconic shaped formula one car indeed.

May 28th 2016

This time I added a rally motive with some more action than the last one.

May 14th 2016

There was a lot of talk about two drivers in particular the past two weeks.
This is one of them.

April 30th 2016

Snowy rally motive added.

April 16th 2016

Four time Indycar champion added.

April 2nd 2016

Due to the aftermath of Alonso's accident Stoffel Vandoorne is making his Formula 1 debut this weekend.

March 19th 2016

Green light for the 2016 Formula 1 season!

March 5th 2016

A more recent motive of Adrian Sutil added as the last of the current uploaded series of backmarkers.

February 20th 2016

I've added the current teammate of last fortnights uploaded driver.

February 6th 2016

Another driver from the back of the grid added.

January 23rd 2016

As promised last time now the teammate of the previous uploaded driver.

January 9th 2016

We're slowly building up to a new Formula 1 season and I intend to do so by adding some of the slower teams for a start, while at the same time wishing they will make good progress and enhance the overall racing.

December 26th 2015

Red is the color of Christmas.

December 12th 2015

Apart from his Le Mans win highly regarded Nico Hülkenberg was generally outclassed by his revived team mate in 2015.

November 28th 2015

End of the F1 season, end of a career.

November 14th 2015

A slightly unusual driver this time, but a big part of modern F1 nontheless.

October 31st 2015

Vintage motive added. A big thank you to Erik for finding the missing data!

October 17th 2015

The final DTM race of the year already this weekend.

October 3rd 2015

About time for a Formula 1 motive again.

September 19th 2015

Now mainly known for historic racing, this driver raced at a high level in 2007.

September 5th 2015

ahhh... remember those good old days...

August 25th 2015

In honour of Justin Wilson.

August 22th 2015

A Swedish rally driver this time.

August 8th 2015

The motive of this test is probably a happier memory than the outcome of the DTM race here last weekend.

July 25th 2015

A very talented young woman added this time.

July 18th 2015

In honour of Jules Bianchi.

July 11th 2015

It's refreshing to see that Max Verstappen takes so much time for his fans and signing autographs. Almost everybody in The Netherlands must have one by now ;-)

It was his ag I most wanted on a F1 motive for this year so a big thank you to the person who made this possible!

June 27th 2015

DTM at the Norisring this weekend.

June 13th 2015

A Le Mans motive would be fitting this weekend would it not?

May 30th 2015

A tribute to Eric Carlsson.

May 23rd 2015

Dutch Formula 3 motive added.

May 9th 2015

I've added another spectacular rally motive.

April 25th 2015

Ola! I have very little information about this image. Can anyone help?

April 11th 2015

I've added a Dutch talent.

March 28th 2015

Making his debut in Formula 1 Roberto Merhi faces a big task with his untested car in the extreme weather in Malaysia.

March 14th 2015

Not a happy affair to watch, but respect to Giedo for standing up for himself.

February 28th 2015

Testing in F1, a testing motive on AutosportAutographs.

February 14th 2015

Earlier in his career Nicolas Kiesa raced a Peugeot 306.

January 31st 2015

A still very young Nick Heidfeld added.

January 17th 2015

A driver who started in Formula cars but really made his name in sportcars.

January 3rd 2015

A former testdriver added.

December 25th 2014

Best wishes for 2015 from AutosportAutographs.

December 20th 2014

An Italian rally driver added.

December 6th 2014

A tribute to the retirement of Tom Kristensen, one of the finest driver, gentleman and ambassador this sport had.

November 22th 2014

After 9 years Gary Paffet is no longer a testdriver for McLaren.

November 8th 2014

No Caterhams on the grid this race either but we do have a motive of
Vitaly Petrov from 2012 at AutosportAutographs.

October 25th 2014

DTM champion added.

October 11th 2014

In support of of Jules Bianchi.

September 27th 2014

Mildly appropriate to add a Zandvoort DTM motive now the DTM is visiting there this weekend is it not?

September 13th 2014

I've added a Forti motive.

August 30th 2014

About time I added another rally motive.
Also sad to hear of the passing of rally legend Björn Waldegård.

August 16th 2014

A Chinese from the Netherlands added.

August 2nd 2014

A newer motive of the current  leader in the championship  added.

July 19th 2014

Like father like  son. 

July 5th 2014

The fastest time in the first Formula E test last Thursday made  Sébastian Buemi  more than happy.

June 21th 2014

A  Chinese driver  is still reasonably rare in the racing world.

June 7th 2014

A  very young  future world champion added.

May 24th 2014

Tribute  to one of the giants of the past.

May 10th 2014

A test motive of former Renault F1 driver Jérôme D'Ambrosio  added.

April 26th 2014

Irish action. 

April 12th 2014

Talented  Dutch New Zealander   added.

March 29th 2014

After all the F1 motives it is now time for a  rally motive. 

March 15th 2014

Vintage  Monaco motive  added.

March 1st 2014

Just one more  Formula One testing motive  to stay in the mood.

February 15th 2014

Another  testing motive  just before next weeks second F1 test.

February 1st 2014

A  testing motive  would be appropriate right after the first F1 test of 2014.

January 18th 2014

In support of the   Button  family.

January 11th 2014

In support of  Michael Schumacher. 

January 4th 2014

Sadly one of Russia's most talented drivers  does't have a fulltime seat.

December 25th 2013

Best wishes for 2014  from AutosportAutographs.

December 21st 2013
  I've added a  Polish champion  this time.

December 7th 2013
  Great performance from  Giedo van der Garde  in qualifying.

November 23th 2013
  Love him or hate him,  Mark Webber  was a character that will be missed.

November 9th 2013
  Four times  World Champion  added.

October 26th 2013
  Great first victory last weekend from  Timo Glock  in difficult circumstances.

October 12th 2013
  Hopefuly in the future the DTM will return to this  magnificient circuit  again.

September 28th 2013
  This weekend the  DTM  visits Zandvoort.

September 14th 2013
  Past at the last minute for Räikkönen, being considered by Ferrari is still a big boost for  Nico  and a recognition of his outstanding talent.

August 31st 2013
  Doing a fine job, but will  Sam Bird  eventually make it into Formula 1?

August 17th 2013
  Another  Formula 1  motive to overcome the 4 week summer break.

August 3rd 2013
  Once a very big promise for  Formula 1  who wasn't able to make it like so many others before him.

July 20th 2013
  End of an era. 

July 6th 2013
  A more recent motive of  Nick Heidfeld  added. Without visible beard so you don't have to brace yourself ;-)

June 22nd 2013
  What other than a  Le Mans  motive would be appropriate this weekend?

June 8th 2013
  'Kuifje'  added.

May 25th 2013
  The  GP of Monaco  is always te crown in the F1 calendar.
To capture the atmosphere even better I've also uploaded  this  motive.

May 11th 2013
  I always find a three weeks brake in  Formula 1  a little long.

April 27th 2013
  Rally legend  added.

April 13th 2013

In his second season  Charles Pic  will be a good measure for  vd Garde. 

March 30th 2013

Uploaded a motive of a  driver  who had a astonishing start in 2013.

March 16th 2013

After years of trying  Jules Bianchi  has now made it on the Formula 1 grid amongst others as  Giedo van der Garde  and  Valtteri Bottas. 

March 2nd 2013

Not often do I obtain a Dakar motive but  this one  is a real beauty.

February 16th 2013

Winter motive  added of a hard charging Swede.

February 9th 2013

New Formula one autographs available for exchange:  Pastor Maldonado,  Daniel Ricciardo,   Nico Rosberg,   Sebastian Vettel,  and another  Vettel. 
And also for exchange a  Peter Kox  Le Mans motive.

February 2nd 2013

Replaced the  Alguersuari  motive for a more recent one.

January 19th 2013

It's almost testing season in F1 so another  testdriver motive  is appropriate.

January 5th 2013

Japanese  testdriver  added.

December 22nd 2012

Best wishes  from AutosportAutographs.

December 15th 2012

A unusual choice for a  rally car  but the V8 sound was amazing.

December 1st 2012

 City races  always provide a spectaculair view.

November 17th 2012

Since the end of the F1 season nears a  Ferrari Formula 1  motive seemed appropriate. Let's hope it will be a exiting end!

November 3rd 2012

This time I uploaded a  Formula 3  motive.

October 20th 2012

Time for another  testdriver,  a Malaysian this time.

October 6th 2012

Time for another  sportcar  motive.

September 22nd 2012

I've added a  Japanese  driver this time.

September 8th 2012

Motive of one of the  greatest corners  in the world added.

August 25th 2012

I've added a  Perez  but not the first one that probably springs to mind.

August 11th 2012

The  winner of the Formel BMW world final  got to test a F1 afterwards.

July 28th 2012

Motive of the son of previous uploaded  World Champion  added.

July 14th 2012

Better quality motive of  Alain Prost  added.

I also added some guidance about packaging in the  info  section and
about quality in the  exchange section. 

July 12th 2012

Small update in the  exchange  section.

June 30th 2012

Beautiful action motive of  Peter Kox  in a Lamborghini added.

June 16th 2012

A Le Mans motive is  a fitting addition  since the race is this weekend.

June 2nd 2012

Pastor Maldonado  recently scored his first Formula 1 victory.

May 19th 2012

Whishing  this girl  a speedy recovery.

May 5th 2012

Added another  rally  motive.

April 21st 2012

After a difficult start of his career  this young Austrian  is getting better.

April 7th 2012

Sportcar motive  added. 

March 24th 2012

In the second race of the season already  this driver  made his debut.

March 10th 2012

After a year out  this driver  gets another -well deserved- chance in F1.

February 25th 2012

Without a F1 race seat, let's see what it does for  Sebatien's  career.

February 11th 2012

Not often do I have a new  Maserati motive  in my collection.

January 28th 2012

Vintage  Formula One  motive uploaded.

January 14th 2012

With the upcoming Monte Carlo rally I thought it's appropriate to upload a nice  snow  motive.