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Dear Visitor,

As a longtime car and autosport enthousiast I started collecting autosport autographs almost purely by coincidence back in 1991. After the first few autographs it soon became a hobby which turned out to be as fascinating and interesting as the sport it relates to.

I'm always trying to obtain that one address, autograph or specific motive which could make a significant contribution to my collection. Some autographs can take years to obtain but when I finally achieve it is very satisfying. Another missing autograph can be added to the collection. The longer I collect the harder it get's to obtain missing and often (very) rare autographs and I'm learning new things every time I work on my collection. Because of all the effort it sometimes takes to obtain a missing one for my collection it has become a kind of work of life. I don't know how far I will get, but as long as I enjoy collecting I will continue to try to make the collection more complete.

Now the time has come to display a part of my collection on the internet. This would not be possible without the help of Gerhard, Maarten and Marcel and I would like to thank them for their continueous help and support. I hope you enjoy browsing this site as much as we did building and improving it.

If you have any questions, remarks or comments please contact

Wtih kind regards,